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Packing 101

Tips on Packing your Unit for the Best Self-Storage Experience

It can be tempting to just throw your belongings in your storage unit, close the door, and deal with the contents when you need to. To best use the space of your storage unit, it is worth taking a few extra steps for a better self-storage experience. 

Thoughtfully pack boxes

Packing boxes seems simple enough, but there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your items intact and your sanity in place. 

  • Use sturdy boxes that have lids or can be closed with packing tape
  • Label boxes detailing the general category of items they contain – at the very least!
  • Roll breakable items in packing paper or newsprint and surround with packing peanuts
  • Try to mix heavy items with lighter ones to avoid making boxes too heavy

Think ahead

Ask yourself what items you’ll need the most access to while your stuff is in storage. Put your most frequently used, or what you’ll need to store for the least amount of time, near the opening of your unit.  This will avoid having to unnecessarily wade through your storage unit contents to get to what you need!

Choose the right size of unit

The size of your storage unit will depend on what you are storing and how much space you want to leave for creating aisles and accessing the contents. If you are unsure what size is right for you, talk to one of our staff – they are experts!

Use shelving 

Freestanding shelving units are excellent for making use of the vertical space in your storage unit. 

Stacking boxes on top of each other can result in boxes being crushed and creates a nightmare when trying to reach boxes on the bottom!

Line the walls first

When packing your storage unit, line the walls first. Create aisles between your boxes and furniture so you are able move around your unit easily.  Give yourself some space in case you need to open boxes or retrieve content in the future. 

Pack vertically

When storing furniture or large items, stand them on the end that makes the best use of your vertical space. Storing a couch, bed or dresser horizontally will take up room that can be used for boxes or creating aisles. 

Protect your furniture

Wrap and cover your furniture to keep them clean and dust-free. Mattress and sofa covers are highly recommended, especially if you are storing your furniture for longer than three months. Covering your furniture will protect from any dirt that can be picked up from moving them. 

Pro tip: For storing sensitive items in your unit, choose a climate-controlled unit. 

Ready to pack your storage unit? Talk us for finding the right storage unit for you. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you may have!