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Why Choose Self Stor Storage Scarborough Facility?

Many Canadians say that Scarborough Ontario is the true heart of Toronto. Our state-of-the-art Self Stor Storage Scarborough storage facility serves that area better than anyone, and we have the reviews to prove it! Located minutes away from The Scarborough Town Centre, and The Scarborough Junction. Making it conveniently accessible from Scarborough, Don Mills, North York, East York, and Toronto. Self Stor Storage Scarborough offers an incredible range of mini storage options, including heated storage lockers, climate-controlled self storage units, as well as traditional drive-up self storage units! We are proud to be your local Canadian owned storage company and here to serve you!

Storage Lockers High Security

Your valuables will be secure with the latest monitoring systems at Scarborough storage units.

Storage True Month Value

Do not be fooled by other storage companies! You pay for a month, and you get a FULL CALENDAR MONTH!

Extended Access Hours Storage Units

Your storage will fit with your storage units in Scarborough! Open earlier and closes later than our competitors!

Storage Lockers Freight Acceptance Service

Packages right to your storage unit! Ask your local manager about it!

Scarborough Climate Control Self Storage Units

Your belongings will be kept at the perfect temperature all year long in Scarborough storage unit.

Scarborough Self Storage Units Pre-payment Discounts

Save big with pre-payment discounts on storage in Scarborough!

What makes Scarborough storage units special?

Self Stor Storage Scarborough is a cut above the competition. We offer cheap storage that far exceeds the quality of other storage companies. How do we do this? By being a local Canadian owned and operated self storage facility. Our self storage facility is located on the LRT rail line, and major bus lines, which allows our customer unfettered access! With HWY 401 and Don Valley Parkway a few minutes away. Our Scarborough self storage facility has everything you could ever want in a storage facility! Still not sure about our Self Stor Storage Scarborough facility? Also services your self storage needs for Don Mills, East York, and North York. Check out all our other locations!

Self Stor Storage Scarborough map

Our Scarborough Self Storage Facility Features

Perfect for Scarborough self storage business owners!

Our Scarborough self storage facility is minutes away from The Scarborough Town Centre! Offering smaller sizes that fit a business owners’ budget! The site is serviced by multiple TTC lines, allowing your employees access to your storage space, even when they can’t drive! They don’t have an excuse to get your business storage locker! Self Stor Storage Scarborough is the best self storage facility for Scarborough based business owners! We even offer exclusive discounts to business owners!

Store confidently Scarborough storage

Our Scarborough self storage facility prides itself on being a storage facility that cares about its’ customers. Our employees take personal care and attention when handling your accounts and provide honest answers that save your wallet. Our customers have taken the time to speak about what separates Self Stor Storage from the competition and have named us the best reviewed facility in Scarborough. If you have an experience you would like to share, let Self Stor Storage Scarborough know – we are here to listen and grow with you. Maybe one of our other locations is closer for you.

Month-to-month terms for self storage

Other self storage companies love to lock you into long term contracts, do not do it! Our self storage facility offers month-to-month terms which allow you to store your items as long as you need. Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff – they will be able to cater to your self storage in Scarborough requirements. We even offer pre-payment discounts if you do plan to stay for a long time!

Scarborough self storage peace of mind

Individual pass-card access and perimeter fencing ensure that your belongings are always safe and secure in our storage lockers. Our Scarborough self storage is well-lit and has high-definition video camera system give you peace of mind.

Business Success for Scarborough self storage

Self Stor Storage Scarborough’s firm commitment to customer service has created an ideal environment for corporate clients. From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, the benefits of a self storage unit at Self Stor Storage Scarborough allow for expanding businesses. Our self storage location provides extended access to all our exterior Scarborough self storage lockers. Ask us about our partnership program and grow your business with confidence!

Multiple storage options for storage

Not only can you choose between heated, unheated, or climate-controlled lockers, you can also select self storage lockers Scarborough with drive-up access. No matter the size requirement, our self storage Scarborough location is the self storage provider that cover your needs! Even those sensitive items such as photographs, documents, electronics, and leather furniture can be stored safely in our humidity-controlled environment. Not sure what size works for you? Check out our size guide.

Scarborough self storage servicing area

Self Stor Storage Scarborough services a larger area than just Scarborough. Self storage is enjoyed best within a 30-minute travel radius of the facility. That means East York, Don Mills, North York, and Toronto are all within the servicing area. The travel time from your home, is not always the best measurement. Sometimes the storage facility that is near your office/business, or along your trip home. One of the easiest ways to find storage near you is to search “storage near me”. This will bring up a map that shows local storage facilities Scarborough. Remember to always choose the storage facility that has everything you need, and not just the nearest one. One of the best ways to learn more about the facility is to read their online reviews.

Long-Term Scarborough Self Storage

There are several key benefits to renting long-term self storage units to keep your items protected for an extended length of time. Just don’t forget to heed the advice of important storage tips to help ensure the experience goes smoothly.

With these tips your house and storage unit will be kept in order and let you get back to what matters.­

Self Storage Features
  • Pack properly. Take the time to organize each box. Label them. Always use packing materials for the most sensitive items.
  • Use the right materials. Use cardboard boxes for some items, and heavy-duty plastic for others. Any item that can’t be stored in a box needs to be wrapped and secured.
  • Clean and aerate appliances. Clear out the appliances properly.
  • Stay organized. Take inventory of the things you’re storing for the long term, and label boxes and bins with their contents.
  • Size matters. Find out how much you’re planning to store for the long term, and select the right unit size.
  • Facility features, amenities, and environment. Climate-controlled units offers the best protection to all your electronics, wooden furniture, paper documents, and decor—against damage due to heat, humidity, and cold weather.
Servicing Area

FAQ About Scarborough Self Stor

Q1. How Much Do Scarborough Self Storage Units Cost?

The price of mini storage and Scarborough storage unit is calculated based on size, amenities, and location. For example, a unit located in the heart of Toronto will be more expensive than a unit located on the outskirts of Toronto. Amenities like climate control and drive-up access also affect self-storage unit costs. Self Stor Storage Scarborough is a self storage provider that prides itself on being fair and competitive with its prices. With our wonderful promotions in place, the cost of storage lockers has come down for anyone choosing to store in Scarborough.

At Self Stor Storage Scarborough, you will get to choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles that fit your needs. Come on down to Self Stor Storage and you will be treated to a tour of the site and offered exclusive discounts that only Self Stor can offer! Save money, save time!

Contact your local Self Stor or talk to a Live chat service representative. With Self Stor Storage as your exclusive self storage provider, your mini storage and storage needs will be served!

Q2. What is the difference between cheap and affordable Scarborough self storage?

The terms “cheap” and “affordable” are often used interchangeably when it comes to Scarborough self-storage, but there can be some differences in their meanings.

Generally, “cheap” Scarborough self storage refers to facilities that offer storage units at lower prices than their competitors. These facilities may not have the same level of amenities, security features, or customer service as more expensive options. The quality and condition of the units may also vary, and there may be additional fees or restrictions that are not clearly disclosed upfront.

On the other hand, “affordable” Scarborough self storage refers to facilities that offer fair and reasonable prices for their services without sacrificing quality. These self storage facility may offer discounts or promotions, but they also provide clean, well-maintained units with adequate security measures and helpful staff. Affordable storage units Scarborough providers typically have transparent pricing policies and don’t surprise customers with hidden fees or other charges.

Ultimately, the difference between cheap and affordable storage in Scarborough comes down to value. While cheap storage may save you money upfront, it may end up costing you more in the long run if you experience damage or theft of your belongings or have to pay unexpected fees. Affordable storage in Scarborough may cost slightly more, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are secure and well-cared for.

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