Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section of Self Stor Storage! Here, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about renting a storage unit, accessing our facilities, storage insurance, security measures, and much more. Whether you’re considering renting a unit for the first time or you’re a long-time customer, our goal is to provide you with clear and helpful information to make your storage experience as smooth and convenient as possible. If you have any additional questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team for assistance.



Do I need a credit card to rent?

A credit card isn’t required for reservations, in-person rentals, or billing purposes. For monthly payments, you can pay in person with cash or debit card, or online with Interac debit at participating banks.

What are my payment options?

At Self Stor Storage, you can pay in person (cash, debit/credit card, money order, certified cheque), online, or via our Automated Payment Plan. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac, and Visa Debit payments. For added convenience, you can pre-authorize your monthly payments by credit card or debit to avoid missing payments or incurring late fees.

Do you prorate my rent if I’m not storing for a full month?

Rent at Self Stor Storage is on a month-to-month basis, and you pay for full monthly segments. However, in some cases and with sufficient notice, we may prorate your rent up to the 7th day of the month. Please contact your location’s property manager for further information.

How does your billing work?

Our billing cycle is month-to-month, with rent due on the same move-in date of each month. You can move in or out at any time during the month, and our billing cycle helps you save money by making 12 rental payments per year compared to the 13 payments charged by companies with a 4-week billing cycle.

How do I cancel my lease agreement?

You can vacate your storage unit at any time with notice to the staff, while being in good standing. Once you’ve removed all your items, please remember to take your lock with you.

What happens if I miss a payment for my storage unit?

If you miss a payment for your storage unit, you may incur late fees, and your access to the unit may be restricted until the balance is paid.

If the payment is significantly overdue, the facility may take steps to auction off the contents of the unit to recoup unpaid fees.

Do I need insurance for my stored items?

At Self Stor Storage, we require that the contents of the unit be insured through our $10 + tax per month insurance program.

How long can I rent a storage unit for?

At Self Stor Storage, storage lockers are available for both short-term and long-term rental options, ranging from month-to-month leases to extended contracts. You can rent a unit for as little as one month or for as long as you need, with flexible rental terms to suit your requirements.


Are there any age restrictions for renting storage?

To rent storage, you must be at least 18 years old and provide valid photo ID. If you’re underage, you can have someone of legal age sign the rental agreement on your behalf.

Are debit cards accepted for rentals?

Absolutely. We accept debit cards for rentals.

Can I rent a parking space?

Self Stor Storage does not offer outdoor parking. We offer vehicle storage, which is housed inside a storage unit.

Can I rent on behalf of my business?

Absolutely, business rentals require in-person completion.

What are the payment options?

Payment options include in-person payments, online payments, and automated payment plans for hassle-free management.

Can I access my storage unit when the rental office is closed?

Yes, access is available every day from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, except for specific locations.

What documents are needed to rent a storage unit?

One valid government-issued IDs, including one with a photo, are required.

How long does the rental process take?

Typically, the process takes 20-30 minutes, but it’s recommended to plan for additional time, especially when using movers.

Do I need to sign a contract to rent a space?

No long-term contracts are required; a rental agreement is signed on a month-to-month basis.

How do I choose the right size storage unit?

To choose the right size storage unit, consider the amount and type of items you need to store. You can use our online size guide or consult with our staff for assistance in selecting the appropriate unit size.


How do I choose the right size storage unit?

To choose the right size storage unit, consider the amount and type of items you need to store. You can use our online size guide or consult with our staff for assistance in selecting the appropriate unit size.

Do I need a credit card to reserve a storage unit?

No, you can reserve a storage unit online, in person, or by telephone with just your first and last name and a contact phone number.

What happens after I reserve a storage unit?

After reserving a unit, you’ll typically receive a confirmation email or call from the storage facility confirming your reservation details and providing any necessary next steps.

Can I reserve a specific size or type of storage unit?

Yes, when reserving a unit, you can typically specify the size and type of unit you need based on availability at the storage facility.

Is there a fee for reserving a storage unit?

There is no fee for reserving a storage unit.

How long can I reserve a storage unit for?

Reservation periods vary by demand but valid for a certain period, such as 14 days. During this time, the unit is held for you until you finalize the rental agreement.

Can I cancel or modify my storage unit reservation?

Yes, you can usually cancel or modify your reservation without penalty, as long as you do so within the specified reservation period. Check with the storage facility for their specific cancellation and modification policies.

Do I need to provide any personal information to reserve a storage unit?

Yes, you need to provide basic personal information such as your name, contact information, and sometimes a form of identification to reserve a storage unit.

Can I visit the storage facility to see the unit before I reserve it?

Yes, we encourage you to visit and tour available units before making a reservation. This can help you determine the best unit size and type for your needs.


What should I do if I lose the key to my storage unit?

Notify the Property Manager during office hours if you lose your key.

Are there any items that are prohibited in storage?

Yes, hazardous items like food, flammable materials, firearms, and ammunition are prohibited. Contact the rental office for specific information about storing particular items.

Will I be able to access my storage unit when the rental office is closed?

Yes, access is available every day from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm using your access code. Exceptions apply to certain locations during holidays and office closure.

Is there a cost for disposal of items from my storage unit?

Costs for disposal may vary. Speak to the property manager to learn about available options and associated charges.

Can I visit my storage unit on statutory holidays?

Yes, you can visit your storage unit 365 days a year during standard gate access hours. Exceptions apply to certain locations during holidays and office closure.

Can I share access to my storage unit with someone else?

Yes, you can authorize others to access your unit by specifying their details on your lease.

How secure are my belongings in storage?

Self Stor Storage offers premium security features including alarm systems, electronic gate access, and 24-hour video surveillance.

When can I access my storage unit?

Gate access hours are generally from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, including holidays.

What is “climate control” and do I need it?

Climate control is largely nonessential for most storage needs. Self Stor Storage maintains units within a temperature range of 10°C – 25°C to prevent damage.

Can I Modify My Storage Unit?

Self Stor Storage does not allow any modification of the storage unit. However, you can use portable shelving and other organizational tools to maximize space within the unit.

Do I Need To Provide My Own Lock For The Storage Unit?

While some facilities may provide locks for an additional fee, at Self Stor Storage, we provide you with a complimentary lock with the purchase of a storage unit. No ADMIN FEE either!

Moving & Packing Supplies

What gloves are good for grip?

Gloves with a silicone or nitrile dot anti-slip surface provide excellent grip during a move. Look for gloves made of woven breathable fabrics like canvas or cotton to reduce sweating.

Can I use masking tape instead of packing tape?

While masking tape can be used for labeling, it lacks the strength and adhesiveness of packing tape, especially for sealing moving boxes’ bottoms.

Can you use duct tape on moving boxes?

Duct tape is not recommended for moving boxes as it doesn’t adhere well to cardboard and may leave behind residue.

What does packing tape not stick to?

Packing tape may struggle to stick to dirty, dusty, or greasy surfaces. Ensure surfaces are clean for optimal adhesion.

Is there a difference between packing tape and shipping tape?

Practically, there’s little difference; both can be used interchangeably for moving and shipping. Packing tape tends to offer better long-term adhesion.

Can one person use a forearm forklift?

Forearm forklifts are designed for two people, but hand straps can be used alone, ensuring even weight distribution.

Do moving straps help?

Moving straps leverage physics to reduce physical strain and prevent injuries, making them invaluable for moving heavy objects.

What is special about terry cloth?

Terry cloth, a lightweight cotton material, is highly absorbent, ideal for mopping up spills, wiping down furniture, or keeping hands dry during a move.

Are disk locks better?

Disk locks offer greater security due to their design and placement of the shackle, making them harder to break compared to padlocks.

How much does a storage lock cost?

Storage locks can range from $10 to $20, but prices vary based on brand, quality, and type of lock.

What kind of locks do storage units use?

Storage units typically use heavy-duty disc locks, padlocks, or cylinder locks, with preferences varying by facility.

Can you use any lock on a storage unit?

At Self Stor Storage, we require the use of a disc lock. Don’t worry, we give you one complimentary lock with rental!

What supplies are needed for packing?

Essential packing supplies include boxes, tape, wrapping material like bubble wrap or foam, packing peanuts, and protective covers.

What can I use instead of newspaper for packing?

If newspaper is unavailable, packing paper or tissue paper can serve as alternatives for wrapping items.

How many moving blankets are needed?

The number of moving blankets depends on the size of the move and the items needing protection, but it’s wise to estimate and purchase a few extra.

How do I keep my mattress dry when moving without getting it dirty?

Use plastic mattress covers or stretch wrap to protect the mattress from moisture and dirt during the move.

How do you use paper as packing material?

Packing paper can be used to wrap items, fill empty space in boxes, and provide padding between packed items to prevent damage.

Is it worth buying moving boxes?

Buying moving boxes is worthwhile for their low cost, reliability, and versatility compared to rental boxes.

What size of boxes do movers prefer?

Movers don’t have a preference, but a mix of small, medium, large, and extra-large boxes is recommended for varied items.

Does it matter how heavy boxes are for movers?

Movers recommend keeping box weight under 50lbs for safety and to avoid overloading concerns.

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