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Great staff, location and storage for both private and businesses.
I am happy to say that I am pleased with the self-storage services offered by Self Stor. They have an amazing staff. The storage unit facilities were safe, clean, easily accessible and climate-controlled. Thanks again for all they do.
Great location. Staff very helpful, and facility is always very clean.
very reasonable cost and efficiently run
We’ve looked around where to temporarily store our stuff while waiting to move to our new place and of them all self store have given us the best deal and customer service. Their price is reasonable! I would highly recommend them.
convenient and helpful staff
Staffs are very friend and helpful! I'll certainly recommend this company to my friends!
Self Stor has become the second home for our stuffs for years now. We trusted them to take care of our stuffs while we relocated temporarily to other places. Until our return, hopefully soon, Self Stor is our trusted guardian of our home stuffs. They are very professional, friendly and dedicated stuff. Lulu and Seri
UCC Group has been using this location as our off site storage facility since 2014. Well run, clean and very secure facility with great customer service. We would highly recommend this for any storage needs.
Selfstor is an amazing company to work with. Dominic is helpful professional, honest and more than willing to assist getting things stored away, even if you are on the other side of the country when your goods arrive. Cannot say enough about the staff and facility. Clean, secure and well kept. Thank you.PW
This facility is friendly, helpful cleaning the staff is unbelievable. Dom has assisted us in so many ways receiving and shipping our items. Can't say enough about this storage facility.
I have been with Self Stor Toronto West for 9 years. The staff have always been courteous and professional. The facilities are always clean and well maintained. I would recommend them to anyone.