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What is Climate-Controlled Storage and Why Might You Need it?

If you are setting out to rent a storage unit, the size is not the only important decision you have to make! A climate-controlled or standard storage unit is also an important decision to consider.
Depending on what you are storing, the temperature of the storage unit plays a big role in preserving your belongings.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are kept at room temperature year-round. They are warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer to maintain a constant low humidity.

Why is climate-controlled storage important?

Temperatures change drastically throughout the year, especially where our storage facilities are located (throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Guelph). If you choose to store in a standard storage unit – while the unit will be completely closed and secured – what you store will be left to the changing temperatures of each season.
When you choose a climate-controlled storage unit, what you store will be protected from cold and hot temperatures.

Do you need climate-controlled storage?

It depends on what you are storing. If you are storing any of the below items, we recommend climate-controlled storage to keep them in their best condition.


Wooden furniture is more delicate than you might think. Even the sturdiest can dry out, shrink or crack in extreme cold or warp and swell in hot temperatures.


Gadgets and devices are wonderfully useful – if they work.
Cold temperatures can damage the screens and batteries of your devices and hot temperatures are even less forgiving. Heat, cold, and humidity can all permanently damage electronics.

Art and collectibles

Items such as drawings, stamps, comic books and paintings are all thoughtfully gathered and collected to avoid humidity.

Clothing and bedding

Those extra quilts, blankets and seasonal clothes are perfect items to store to free up space in your home.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are VERY sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Metals and wood contract and expand which can change the very sound the instrument makes. String instruments are highly susceptible to damage like strings snapping in cold and wood warping in hot temperatures.


Paper and photographs can fade, wrinkle and become brittle over time when exposed to extreme temperatures. Keep them safe and let them last longer in climate-controlled storage.