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Secure Document Storage in Etobicoke

5 Tips to Remember when Storing Documents

Storing documents with Self Stor will free up space in your home or office. Older documents that you no longer need regular access to but contain sensitive information should be stored securely off-site. 

Moist, dusty basements or insecure store rooms are not ideal places to keep all files. Store your documents with Self Stor for the best preservation and security of your documents. 

Here are our best 5 tips for storing documents properly

Choose a climate-controlled unit

Temperature fluctuations do not treat paper, ink and printed photographs kindly. If left to withstand hot and cold temperatures your documents can fade, wrinkle and become brittle.

A climate-controlled unit will not only regulate temperature but will cut down on humidity and dust accumulation. The regular air circulation and ventilation of the unit will offer superior protection. 

Organize your documents

Organizing your important papers, photographs and hard drives before storing may seem like a daunting task – but your future self will thank you for it! 

Labelling boxes and stacking them in an order that makes sense to you is the absolute basic we recommend for organizing. 

Storing your documents on shelving units is highly recommended. This way, when you must find a file or document, you will not waste time pulling our boxes, and sifting through them. 

Grant access to only those who need it

Whether you are storing for personal or business purposes, you may want someone else to be able to access your documents. Unlike traditional self-storage units, you do not have to give away your personal security access. Simply ask one of our staff members to grant access to someone.  This way, you can be secure in the knowledge that your items are always protected. 

Keep a record of what documents you stored

Keeping a record of what documents, you placed in storage will save you from just relying on memory. If you keep a list of documents organized by time frame or contents in your smartphone or in a safe place at home, you will not be left wondering what is stored and what is not. 

Keeping a record of what you store will help you know what’s in your storage unit before you make the trip out to check in person. 

Document destruction

Self Stor can help facilitate paper shreddingservices for you. By granting access to shredding services, you save time and gain confidence your information is secure. 

Have documents to store? Contact us for more details! Our friendly staff is ready to find the right storage unit for you.