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Winter tires

Winter tires, your winter friends!

Do not get caught out this winter with the wrong tires!

Canadians expect harsh winters, and it takes stronger and more effective tires to keep up with the demands. Some choose to stick with their ALL-SEASON tires, but it is highly recommended to switch out your tires for the winter to achieve a safer performance on the roads.

Superior materials

The colder the temperature gets, the harder standard tires become. This can lead to less responsiveness and cause additional damage to the tires. Winter tires are formulated to handle temperatures as low as -30 C. Regular tires are designed to handle temperatures only as low as 7 C, that is a huge difference!

Improved breaking

The biggest impact can be seen just by stepping on the breaks! Winter tires have up to 30% better breaking distances. This can mean the difference between stopping at the light and sliding too far! Snow and ice cause havoc on the normal breaking power of your vehicle, with winter tires, it can be restored!

Skidding resistance

Every Canadian has heard of black ice, it is a thing we are trained to watch out for. Accidents will still happen, but winter tires can offer a superior hold on the road and limit even these moments!


Ultimate winter traction

Ice and snow are a deadly combination. That is why winter tires are designed to effectively “bite” into them, creating traction where regular tires will skid. This can be an absolute lifesaver on the roads.

Snow maneuverability

Snow is a constant struggle for regular tires, the lack of traction causes slowed reactions. With winter tires, the turns will feel just right, allowing you to maintain control.

For those vehicles that cannot handle the winter, it is best to get them off the road. Here are the most common types of winter vehicle storage.

Seasonal car storage

If you have a car that is meant to be parked for the winter, we have got you covered. Our drive-up storage units are perfect for convertibles, sports cars, muscle cars, and antique cars.

Motorcycle and sport bike storage

Keep your bike safe from tip-overs and theft. For storage between rides or between seasons, Self Stor will keep your motorcycle or sport bike safe and sound.

Hobby vehicles

Storing golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles and jet skis with Self Stor frees up space and ensures your toys are secure.


Business vehicles

Storing riding mowers or work trailers is a perfect fit for Self Stor. With a large selection of extra wide units to fit even the largest trailers. With a quick gas up and flush, your riding mowers will be ready after being stored for the entire winter! Or using the storage units to protect them from theft. Even just using your storage unit as a central hub for your workers fits perfectly!

The point of secure, affordable storage is to preserve and protect your assets, and climate control helps us do that – no matter the season.  We are happy to serve Guelph, Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York, East York and surrounding areas with state-of-the-art climate controlled storage facilities.  Contact our friendly staff to find your perfect storage unit today.

Contact your local Self Stor today!

A storage unit is a solution to a lot of your needs.

Check out some of our key features:

  • Drive-up access allows for ultimate convenience
  • Heated units let you store with comfort
  • Online account management gives you the control
  • Packing and moving supplies allow you to tackle any move
  • Extended access to storage units, including holidays
  • Livechat customer service allows you to get the answers you need
  • Month-to-month contracts with flexible payment options
  • State-of-the-art lighting to be easy on the environment

If you do not have a storage unit, visit and book yours today!

For help on what size storage unit you will need, check out our helpful size guide:

Talk to your local Self Stor manager by dialing 1-833-523-0453, they are available to reserve units or answer any questions.

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