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FIGHT TO END CANCER is a charity that everyone at Self Stor believes in. It is a cause that brings true inspiration of courage, life, and a commitment to improving the lives of those we love. We had a wonderful chance to have a chat with Jennifer Huggins, the founder and president of FTEC.

Jennifer is passionate about her work. In her words, she fights because “I believe that fighting is in our DNA.  It’s a skill we develop when dealing with adverse situations.  Sometimes, we choose to fight – and other times, we are forced to.” Her passion has transformed FTEC into a fantastic platform for charity that has seen continued growth and bold aspirations that she knows she will surpass!

We asked Jennifer some questions – her words truly rocked me to my foundation. I realized that her fighting spirit began to rub off on me and everyone she met!

Why did FIGHT TO END CANCER choose Self Stor out of all the other storage companies out there?

Choosing Self Stor as Fight To End Cancer’s Official Storage partner could not have had a better outcome and we’re so honoured to have them in our corner! After a conversation with the company’s owner, we realized our core values were the same; integrity, loyalty and investment in our community.

How would you describe the beginning of the partnership?

When we partnered, the company was fast-growing, however, it was obvious that they were deeply rooted in the community.

How does everyone at FTEC feel about Self Stor? 

Many of our FTEC Family were already renting storage from the various locations and highly recommended Self Stor as ‘the best storage in town’!

Do you have any final words on the partnership?

Actions have always spoken louder than words – especially when the Self Stor team has consistently supported us ringside, cheering on our fight teams since 2014! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Our team LOVES you all! 

We at Self Stor thank everyone at FTEC for their hard word and dedication. You have inspired us to be better people and strive to improve the lives of everyone!

If Jennifer’s story moved you, please visit https://fighttoendcancer.com/ to see how you can support this noble cause. 

Self Stor proudly supports our community through THE CHARITABLE PLEDGE. Come learn about how leaving a review can support many of the causes you believe in. Visit https://www.selfstor.ca/about-us/charitable-pledge/ for more details.

Talk to your local Self Stor manager by dialing 1-833-523-0453, they are available to solve your storage needs.


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Proudly supporting the fight to end cancer! An interview with Jennifer. | Self Stor Storage