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Prepare holiday decorations for self-storage

How to Prepare Holiday Decorations for Self-Storage

Once the season is over, it can be tempting to just get the decorations out of sight and focus on restoring the regular decor of your home. But packing them away in a hurry can result in damage to your favourite decorations!

Here are some tips on how to prepare your holiday decorations for storage so they can be in great condition for next year.

Rules for storing holiday decorations

Holiday decorations are usually delicate – some have been passed down from generation to generation. In any case, you want your decoration collection to be in great shape to use again next year!

Here are some general rules when it comes to packing up holiday decorations:
Take decorations apart if they are meant to and wrap them separately in tissue paper or newsprint
Pack fragile ornaments carefully and use separators in boxes to keep them from tangling
Leave room in boxes for holiday linens or blankets to be placed between layers of wrapped ornaments for extra protection
Remove batteries from decorations that light up or move
Move the boxes carefully as most holiday decorations are fragile
Label all boxes clearly and store in plain sight for easy retrieval next year

How to store an artificial Christmas tree

Artificial trees last longer when stored properly. Keep the following in mind when preparing to store your Christmas tree:

Take off all lights, hanging decorations, tinsel and garland until your tree is completely bare
Take your tree apart as instructed by the manufacturer. Most trees disconnect at points in the trunk and oftentimes the branches are removed as well.
Wrap individual pieces separately in paper or cloth before storing. This prevents artificial branches and other delicate detailing from being tangled.
If the original box is not on hand, be sure to pack in a sturdy box that closes to prevent dust accumulation.
If storing other decorations in the same box as your artificial tree, use separators.

How to prepare outdoor holiday decorations for storage

Outdoor holiday decorations need certain care to keep them in working condition! Follow these tips for the best way to prepare them for storage:

Make sure all decorations are dry before storing to avoid mold and mildew
Store light strings in a coil fashion to keep wires from kinking and being damaged
Disassemble large decorations and pack in separate pieces
Curve wired garland as opposed to fold so that they keep a consistent form
Remove any batteries
Remove any clips used to affix decorations and pack separately

Choose the right storage unit to store your holiday decorations

At Self Stor, we have storage units available in a wide range of sizes. For added convenience we have drive-up units, and to keep your decorations in perfect condition we also offer climate-controlled units.

Reach out to us to find your perfect storage unit today! Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you have.

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