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Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms

Access Gate
The main entrance for customers to enter the fenced premises on of the storage facility.

Access Hours
The opening hours of a self-storage provider, varies from facility to facility. To learn the access hours for your storage unit, select your location.

Access Card
A unique pass card for customers, which grants access to the storage facility.

Self-storage facilities can only be entered by customers with access cards. Non-customers may only enter the storage facility through the office.

Self-storage fees that are automatically paid by credit card.

Business Storage
A storage unit that is rented for the purposes of business. To learn more, visit out Business Storage page.


Stands for Closed Circuit Television, describing a TV and monitor system, recording all relevant areas for security purposes.

Collectible storage

Climate-controlled units that are perfect for storage collectibles for long term or for sale. To learn more.

Self-storage facilities are typically climate-controlled, meaning that the humidity is controlled too. These units are perfect for most users.

Document Storage
Similar to regular storage, this for record keeping inside of a Climate-Controlled unit to protect the sensitive material. To learn more.

Drive up unit
A storage unit that can be access directly from your vehicle. Also called a standard unit. To learn more.

Facility Manager
Can also be called a site manager. These individuals are responsible for the smooth operation of the storage facility.

Complimentary moving equipment for customers to move their items.

Furniture Storage
Using the storage unit for storing furniture.

Lease Terms
The terms that are agreed upon when first taking the unit. These terms are to ensure the safe operation and use of the storage unit.

A security device to ensure that access is granted to those with a key.

Long Term Storage
Renting storage for longer than two years. Customers who wish to stay this long should consider pre-payment options that lower cost.

Mini Storage
refers to the smallest units, usually used for storing tires or luggage.

Office hours
The hours in which the office is open. All customers who which to take a storage unit, or vacate one must do so during these hours. To learn the office hours for your storage facility, select your location.

Permitted Items
Items that are allowed to be stored. SEE PROHIBITED ITEMS.

Personal Storage
Storage used by individuals for their own use. Usually related to moving, renovation, or storing leftover items.

Prohibited Items
Any items that cannot be legally stored. If you are unsure of if an item can be stored, please ask your local facility manager. Learn which items you may or may not store at one of our facilities here.

Rental Agreement
Sometimes referred to as a rental lease, or rental contract, the legal terms that protect Self Stor and customers.

Resident Manager
A manager who lives on site, offering additional support to customers.


Roll-Up Door
The standard storage unit door. Heavy duty doors, but use spring loaded mechanisms to open and close easily.

Individually lockable storage units, housed in a clean, well-lit, climate-controlled and secure self-storage facility.

Storage Facility
Describes the actual space in which customers can go and rent individually-lockable storage units of various sizes.

Storage Locker
A term for the standard storage space. It is individually-lockable. Check out which unit sizes we offer.

Storage Unit
A term for the standard storage space. It is individually-lockable. Check out which unit sizes we offer.

Standard Unit

Units that can be driven up to, easy to access. To learn more.

Student Storage
When a storage unit is used for storage of student related items for a standard school term.

Unit Mix
The varirty of units at each storage facility, offering customers choice and freedom.

Unit Size
Each facility has different storage unit sizes, ranging from SMALL (5×5), MEDIUM (10×10), LARGE (10×15), and EXTRA LARGE (10×20).

Vehicle storage

Short or long term storage of a vehicle. Popular during the winter. To learn more.

Walk-in Unit
Units that are accessed by walking through doors or a loading bay.

Storage options that are larger than 10×20, many options are available.

Wine Storage
Temperature controlled units that allow for the storage of wine.

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