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Are you planning to store some valuable possessions using a dependable self-storage unit? Pause for a minute and look carefully through your list first? Examine whether these items you want to put inside a self-storage unit are actually legally allowed here in the great white north!
Here are nine items that are prohibited inside a Canadian self-storage place:

Illegal Firearms and Ammunitions
If a gun, or any type of firearm, is owned through illegal means, you are not allowed to keep it in a storage unit. The National Firearms Association (NFA) has provided specifics about gun ownership and legal storage. Even if you own the gun legally, it is prohibited to store any firearm that is loaded and with an unlocked trigger.

It’s a no-brainer! Weapons are a security threat to everyone. The law states that storing explosives in a commercial self-storage compartment is strictly prohibited.

Illegal items
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that illegal items — smuggled weapons, for example — shouldn’t be in a storage unit. If it’s not allowed anywhere, it’s definitely not going to be allowed inside any storage place.

Illegal Drugs
One could get into deeper trouble with the police and the judicial system if found in possession of illegal drugs, especially if found hidden in a storage locker or unit.

Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals
These items put many at risk and in serious danger — even if you can guarantee that they would be completely sealed. For security and safety purposes, do not include them among the items you’ll put inside storage.

Flammable items
For absolute safety reasons, flammable and combustible materials (e.g. aerosol cans, gasoline, kerosene, and any other fire hazard products) are prohibited inside a self-storage unit. The damages an explosion can cause are immeasurable, in terms of the legal, emotional, and financial aspects.

Perishable food items
Rotten foods will not only generate unpleasant odour, these foods can potentially bring in rodents and unwanted insects. Pest infestation isn’t good for business; so for safety precaution, self-storage companies won’t allow perishable food inside any locker or unit.

Live pets/animals
It’s simply common sense that living animals shouldn’t be locked inside a storage unit for a period of time. It’s inhumane and illegal.

Similarly, keeping someone inside a self-storage compartment is more than cruelty. It’s pretty much a no-no! This would certainly lead you to an arrest and being escorted in handcuffs.
Most self-storage companies are flexible and accommodating with your needs. However, make sure you read the fine print regarding items you are permitted to bring into your storage unit. If you’re unsure, don’t assume! You might be breaking the law without you knowing. A quick inquiry to your dependable self-storage company will help solve your concerns.


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