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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put shelves up in my unit?

Yes, anything free standing is allowed.

Do the units have electrical power?

Sorry, we do not have outlets in the units

Does Self Stor accept deliveries?

Yes, we can deliver right to your unit with your permission

Am I committed to a certain time frame?
Self Stor works on a Month to Month rental basis. Your rental unit can be obtained on any day of the month. The minimum rental period is one month.
Why should I rent from a registered Canadian Self Storage Association Member?
Registered SSA members must adhere to certain standards. Managers take courses to advance themselves in the storage industry. If someone is not a member, do you really want to trust your valuables there?
Why can’t I use my own lock?
For security reasons, using the same lock on every door makes every unit anonymous and doesn’t draw attention to units with more or less inside.
Do you have dollies or moving carts available?
Dollies or moving carts are available in most of our locations that have indoor storage. If you have an indoor unit and need to use one, let our site manager know.

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