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University Preparation

April 17, 2017 by Justin Morgan
University Preparation
April 17, 2017
by Justin Morgan

Four years later, the journey was completed. It all went by so fast! For other students, the road may be longer with continuing studies. Looking back, it is just another part of their Right of Passage. Most first year university students will live on campus, where parents will want their kids to be comfortable and safe. Moving day was hectic, but it seemed quite controlled with so many 2nd year students around to lug belongings and furnishings to rooms. They will recall that someone helped them only the year before. An endless procession of parents and students going up and down the stairs with personal belongings. When everything was out of the car and into the room, the time was nearing to leave your baby all alone. And many of them couldn’t wait for the hugs and kisses, to experience that first taste of independance. That moment is known as the parents Right of Passage!
Is moving away to go to school the same today as it was 2 or 3 decades ago? Here is an article from macleans.ca by Josh Dehaas with advice to all those first year university and college students. But of course, it’ll be a long shot for both generations to agree on all the points!

Be sure to click the link for Josh’s article on what to bring to residence