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The right way to work from home!

April 14, 2020 by Justin Morgan
The right way to work from home!
April 14, 2020
by Justin Morgan

Working from home? It is important to have a clean and function office space to help with productivity. Maintaining an organized environment will be made even easier by using your storage unit!

5 Home Office Ideas for Productivity

Make storage a priority!

Take a moment to organize your desk – is it overcrowded with documents? Are there any items that you do not need for the immediate future? Place office supplies, documents, and other items into a storage bin. Leaving these things scattered on your desk will reduce your concentration and efficiency.

Comfort is key!

You will be working for hours – a sustainable comfort level will support your work ethic. A comfortable and ergonomically designed chair will be one of your greatest investments to promote productivity. Wrist support will cut down on strain and allow for continuous work.

Brighten your world!

Do not be left with a boring workspace – a happy and warm environment will have a positive effect on your work. Decorate with photos and decor to make the space more inviting. Be careful not to become cluttered with sentimental items, you will still need the space to get work done!

Reduce visible clutter

Be careful of wires and cables – they restrict movement and can be dangerous. Zip-tie wires and carefully place them out of the way to make your desk look more clean and clutter-free.

Bring in Nature

Working with natural light will improve your focus and help make your office feel like home.  Open curtains and/or blinds, allowing the light to fill the room. Fresh air through an open window can also keep you revitalized as you work.

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