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The Fight To End Cancer

The 7th annual Fight To End Cancer (FTEC) will be taking place on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Toronto’s historic Old Mill Inn. This black tie gala Las Vegas style entertainment event commences with an elegant gourmet dinner before leading into a series of first-class performances featuring local business leaders and influencers in Olympic-style boxing bouts. The program features a new group of white-collar men and women each year with no prior boxing experience. Founded in 2011, the Fight To End Cancer has raised over $700,000.00 in support of cancer research with proceeds going directly to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. This special day will mark the culmination of months of personal hard work, sweat and commitment for 10 courageous men and women who will have dedicated a part of their lives towards a cause that touches all of us. And on that night, join them as they prepare for the big event! Pre-fight, feel their sweaty palms beneath the gauze and tape that’s been bound over their nervous hands. They’ll begin to shadowbox, stretch and warm up, and get the footwork going. Maybe at this moment, they’ll have a feeling of doubt. This is crazy! I might get hurt! And as they walk towards the ring, they’ll feel all eyes on them as they step over the ropes into the ring.  You hope you don’t fall, you feel the knot in your stomach, the bright lights are jarring to your eyes…and game on! Behind the scenes, Executive Director Jennifer Huggins has logged endless miles on her quest to end cancer, and recently spent some time with the Self Stor team in appreciation and preparation for the 2018 event.  One can sense the strong ambition, character and commitment in her presence. One day, she will no doubt reach her goals! Meet Jennifer Huggins

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