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The art of decluttering part 2

June 15, 2020 by Justin Morgan
The art of decluttering part 2
June 15, 2020
by Justin Morgan

Our first article about decluttering was incredibly popular, had to follow up with another one!

Decluttering is not an easy thing to do, here are the two biggest factors to consider!

No room? It must go!

The best items could end up being clutter because there is simply no room for them! However, the fact is that if an item sits out collecting dust or becomes a tripping hazard over time. There are only a few solutions to this kind of problem, extra space does not grow on trees!

Now, don’t start throwing out everything right now that you’re tripping over. This category of stuff is tricky because you need to first make sure you are not devoting storage space to real clutter which could make room for this important item. If you can get rid of other stuff to make room for it, it is not clutter.

Downsizing is tough but think of it as RIGHTSIZING! Making the space in your life work for you! 

One of the most effective ways to deal with a little bit of excess, is to get a small storage unit. Think small, think compact, think efficient. Contact your local Self Stor for details on the unit that best fits your life.

The biggest thing of all, it is not clutter if you love it!

The most important factor, if you love the item, keep it. It needs to be genuine love, not just love having it, but love that it is in your life and makes you happy! This is the hardest to grasp and should not be labeled on any item that is difficult to let go!

Everything in your home should serve a purpose, if it has a purpose, it is not clutter! It either needs to be used or loved. If it is not one of those, it is most likely clutter.

You may not even realize it; many beloved items go unused because you love something similar just a little bit more. A helpful tip is to organize the items you think you may not use, every time you use one of these selected items, they can go back with the rest of the collection. After a month, or a year, those items that are sill left are perfect for decluttering! You would not even know you missed them!

It is difficult to love and take care of too many items. If you cannot spend the time to maintain the quality of them, it is best to let them go. Keeping them in a decaying state will become more and more stressful, and it is best to remove them before they become a burden.

Talk to your local Self Stor manager by dialing 1-833-523-0453, they are available to solve your storage needs.