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How to keep Santa magical this holiday season

December 04, 2018 by cmarr
How to keep Santa magical this holiday season
December 04, 2018
by cmarr

Keep the magic alive this holiday season with the help of a conveniently located self storage unit throughout The Greater Toronto Area area and Guelph.

With a little planning, gifts and other holiday surprises can be kept safe from prying eyes and curious kids.

At Self Stor, you can use our clean storage units for as long or as little as you like – perfect for Santa!

Here are a few tips to keep the Santa tradition alive for another year!

Hide the gifts in a self storage unit

The days and weeks leading up to Christmas means lot of shopping for gifts for family members of all ages.  Preparing surprises can be challenging with limited storage space like closets and garages.

Friends and family can be crafty when it comes to finding gift stashes leading up to the holidays!

Getting an affordable self storage unit is a perfect solution for hiding gifts in preparation for Christmas. Whether it be toys, electronics, or even vehicles, at Self Stor we have storage units in whatever size works for your family. We also offer climate control, 24-hour access and drive-up units to suit all of your gift storing needs.

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Leave evidence of Santa’s visit

Santa’s visits aren’t just about new presents under the tree, but also leaving evidence that he visited your home. For young children, leaving reindeer prints in the snow, one of Santa’s white gloves next to the tree, or even Santa’s hat on a hook can turn Santa’s visit from probable to undebatable!

With the help of a self storage unit, all of the props you can imagine can be kept safe from skeptics before Christmas Eve. Don’t let limitation of space and security stop you from creating a Christmas experience your children will never forget! 24 hour access to your affordable storage unit will allow for timely pickups of the items that will bring Santa to life.

Keep the Santa suit in the North Pole

Seeing Santa can be the highlight of the holidays for children. Whether Santa is showing up for breakfast in the morning, or making an appearance in the middle of the night, keeping the suit secure before and after Christmas is key to keeping Santa magical.

Keep your Santa suit safe from accidental discoveries! Whether the suit is a rental or purchased, we have affordable storage units available for however long you need it kept secret.

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The holidays are all about making memories with family and friends. At Self Stor, we are pleased to help you pull off the Christmas your family will never forget. We offer clean, secure, affordable storage units at a variety of sizes. 24 hour access and drive up units are available for ultimate convenience over the holidays. We proudly offer state-of-the-art storage facilities for your use for exactly as long as you need them.

We would love to speak with you about how we can help make your holidays magical this year!