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How to spot a green self-storage facility

January 09, 2019 by cmarr
How to spot a green self-storage facility
January 09, 2019
by cmarr

Self Stor is pleased to offer eco-friendly storage in Toronto and Guelph areas. The self-storage industry is competitive and storage customers in Toronto look for clean, secure and affordable self-storage units. However, the awareness of climate change has created a demand for storage facilities that create minimal impact on the environment.

When buying vehicles, washing machines and paper products, we look for eco-friendly and ‘green’ options to help the planet.  Why would deciding which storage facility to use be any different?

When choosing where to store your belongings, here are some tips on how to spot eco-friendly storage in Toronto.

Eco-friendly storage starts with green roofing

Dark roofing attracts heat and creates ‘heat islands’ causing the temperature of the roof and surrounding area to rise dramatically. This creates air temperatures that are higher than normal.

When looking for eco-friendly storage,  check for cooler white roofing at the very least. We at Self Stor take our cool roof initiatives to the next level by installing green roofing.

On our newer buildings (and as we renovate the older ones) we plant vegetation atop of our white roofs, complete with a rainwater irrigation system.  Not only does this mean our green roofs have lower temperatures and support wildlife, but it also means that we do not use additional water to do so.

The lighting

Storage facilities need to be well-lit for customer convenience, safety, and security purposes.  When customers have access to their self-storage units 24/7, the task of lighting the facility to suit everyone’s needs can consume a lot of energy.

At Self Stor we pride ourselves on using energy efficient LED lighting complete with motion sensors. Our LED lighting is only on when necessary.  

Exterior lighting can also be a challenge for storage facilities, as lights shining outward create light pollution and can confuse wildlife which migrate during the night.  At Self Stor, we use zero degree downward exterior lighting to avoid any unnecessary light affecting the environment.

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Climate control efficiency

Heated and climate-controlled storage units are in high demand as customers take the preservation of their belongings seriously. When a storage facility offers climate-controlled storage, it is important to choose a facility that heats and cools their units efficiently, using the least amount of energy to minimize environmental impact.

While it may be difficult to determine this from outside appearances, at Self Stor we use 50% – 100% more insulation than required by the building code. By using more insulation, we are able to control the temperature of our units by using less energy than our competitors.

The landscape

Even in commercial business areas, landscaping practices make a notable impact on the environment.  Lawns, trees and gardens support needs of local wildlife. Greenery also offers a pleasing and calming effect to customers, employees and passersby alike.  

When looking for a storage facility to utilize, take note of the landscaping efforts made by storage companies.  Is their facility surrounded by vibrant, beautiful greenery or is their property sterile and unwelcome?

At Self Stor, we take great care in providing landscapes that foster life and aesthetically enhance the environment. We are pleased to provide lush lawns, gardens, trees and shrubbery that are watered with rainwater wherever possible.

We take pride in going above and beyond our duties as a storage company in many areas – being eco-friendly is no exception!  We see ourselves as more than just a provider of storage facilities, but members of the community and leaders in green storage initiatives.

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