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Four storage mistakes to avoid

April 27, 2020 by Justin Morgan
Four storage mistakes to avoid
April 27, 2020
by Justin Morgan

Storage tends to come during times of change – often we jump right into them with only half of a plan. Even if you rush into storage, you can turn it around and create a hassle-free experience that will last as long as you have your unit!

Here are four of the biggest mistakes that people make, and ways to avoid them!

Not protecting your items

Climate-controlled units are specifically designed to protect all your precious belongings – no need to worry about your winter clothes being tucked away when the conditions are regulated. Self Stor always recommends storing any fine woods or electronics in a climate-controlled environment, just like you would have at home.

Being disorganized

Your storage unit will quickly fill up if you do not take the time to organize properly. If you ever hear yourself say, “I will just deal with that later,” stop! Most of the time, the items are placed into the unit and not seen until you need them in a rush. Avoid the rush and sudden need by organizing the items based on logic. The most important thing is to label everything! Develop a pattern that makes sense to you, that could mean setting the heaviest items in the back or putting the items that will be used most often at the front. By maintaining order, your trips will always be quick and convenient.  

Losing track of your unit

When your possessions are out of sight, they often become out of mind. To avoid this, set reminders to check up on your items. Access your unit regularly and continue to process items to bring them home, donate them, sell them, or throw them out. Self Stor is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity, and they are always looking for furniture! Check them out at (Link).

Missed payments

There is nothing worse than the feeling of missing payments. The best way to ensure the bills do not pile up is to add automatic billing to your account. Every month your credit card will be charged, and a receipt will be emailed directly to you – no need to come in person! One less thing to worry about.

Talk to your local Self Stor manager – they are experienced and knowledgeable in storage. They will help you avoid these common mistakes.

Talk to your local Self Stor manager by dialing 1-844-499-7867, they are available to reserve units or answer any questions.