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Collectible storage

May 04, 2020 by Justin Morgan
Collectible storage
May 04, 2020
by Justin Morgan

Believe it or not, your collection of old records and comics could be worth a lot! However, the value of a collectible is dependent on the condition it is in. Keep these tips in mind when you are organizing your collection:

  • Keep a detailed inventory.  Keep track of which items go into which box, as well as location they are stored. The more information, the better, especially if you have them packed in boxes and out of sight for long periods of time.
  • Control the climate. The best place to protect your collectibles is in a climate-controlled space. Often your attic or basement temperatures shift too much – consider a humidity-controlled storage unit for maximum protection.
  • Cleaning.  Always consult an expert before you attempt to clean your collectibles; you could damage them or lower their value. For some items, you can use soft bristle brushes, moisture-free compressed air, distilled water or isopropyl alcohol. Never take a risk on an item – do your research before attempting any cleaning!
  • Keep items in their original boxes. Take extra care if you are planning on storing items in collectible boxes – they often use softer materials. Carefully wrap the boxes and add padding where needed. Protect any seals from being damaged. The condition of the box is vitally important for resale value!
  • Keep all authentication. Keep the receipts with the items – if they can be placed directly with the item, all the better. Never tape the receipts to the boxes; they will damage them. Receipts are very sensitive and need to be stored away from the elements. A filing system will also work in a pinch to ensure you know where everything is. 

Keep several copies of your inventory and keep in a secure location. Giving a trusted individual a copy will be able to solve many future problems!

Talk to your local Self Stor manager by dialing 1-844-499-7867, they are available to reserve units or answer any questions.