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7 Things to think about when you rent storage.

May 25, 2020 by Justin Morgan
7 Things to think about when you rent storage.
May 25, 2020
by Justin Morgan

Here are some important things to consider before renting a unit!  

1) When Can I Access My Storage Unit?

At Self Stor, you will have extended access hours that allow you to finish any of your tasks. Our Etobicoke location even offers 24-HR access to select units. You can access your items throughout the week from 6 am to 10 pm. Self Stor always offers convenience and ease.  

2) Who Can Access My Storage Unit?

Every unit comes with exclusive access for you! By using multiple levels of security, Self Stor ensures that only those who are meant to have access have it. This means you are the only person with the key to the storage. Anyone else who wants to access the facility will have to get permission and the key from you. Only you can grant access to the unit!  

3) When Can I Vacate My Storage? 

Self Stor operates on a monthly schedule, meaning your end date is on the same day you moved in. Your local Self Stor manager can walk you through the process and explain how to move out without losing any days! 

4) What Can I Store?

The simple answer – just about anything! Safety regulations prohibit the storage of some dangerous items like gas, firearms, or harsh chemicals. Food is also forbidden to protect your items and the site.  

5) Is It Possible to Run My Business From The Storage Unit?

Self Stor encourages businesses to use the units as warehouse space. If you would like to know if you can operate your business from your unit, talk to your local manager – they have the answers.

6) How Do I Know What Size I Need?

Self Stor has crafted an interactive size guide to help you! Visit https://www.selfstor.ca/storage-unit-size-guide/, or click “Storage Size Guide” on Selfstor.ca!  

7) How Do I Go About Renting a Storage Unit?

You can rent a unit in 1001 ways! Online at Selfstor.ca, through our Livechat, even right through your Google searches! Self Stor offers the latest in connectivity for everyone! The easiest way to contact Self Stor is by phone – dial 1-833-523-0453! If you’re looking for quality and reliable storage units in Ontario, Self Stor has you covered!

Talk to your local Self Stor manager by dialing 1-833-523-0453, they are available to solve your storage needs.