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Halloween safety: 10 tips for everyone!

October 03, 2019 by Justin Morgan
Halloween safety: 10 tips for everyone!
October 03, 2019
by Justin Morgan

Halloween safety is important for busy neighbourhoods in Guelph and the GTA.  At SelfStor, we thrive on being part of the communities we provide storage spaces within. We  wish everyone in Guelph and the GTA a safe and happy Halloween!

Halloween safety is for all – kids and adults alike.  It is important to keep safety in mind whether taking kids out trick-or-treating, giving out candy, or simply driving your vehicle on Halloween afternoon and evening.

10 Halloween safety tips for adults and children

1.  Make sure your trick-or-treaters are clearly visible in the dark

Before taking out the kids to make the rounds in the neighbourhood, make sure their costume is enhanced with battery-operated wearable lights or reflective materials.  It gets dark quickly on Halloween night, so making sure the kids can be seen clearly by drivers is essential to keeping Halloween fun and safe.

2. Clear your front door pathway whether you are giving out candy or not

Wet leaves, garbage cans, or blown debris can be a hazard for anyone approaching your door on Halloween. Trick-or-treaters can be persistent, so even if your lights are off to indicate you are not participating in Halloween. It is highly likely kids will knock on your door either way!  Keep everyone safe and make sure the path to your door is clear and free from hazards.

3.  Steer clear from using candles in your pumpkins

Jack-o-laterns are the ultimate greeters for trick-or-treaters.  Candles may offer the moody glimmer that Halloween enthusiasts crave,  but they can be dangerous for kids in flowing costumes who may be more excited than they are careful.  Battery-operated candles that imitate the flicker of a small flame are the safer choice when illuminating your cucurbit creations.

4.  Use makeup instead of masks

Masks are a quick and easy way to complete a Halloween costume, but if possible, choose makeup instead.  Masks reduce peripheral vision making it harder to see stairs and approaching vehicles.  Applying makeup is a safer way to transform any trick-or-treater’s face as they will be able to better see where they are going!  If a mask is a non-negotiable, keep a watchful eye on your little goblin when they are on steps and when crossing the road.

5.  Clearly plan the level of adult supervision for trick-or-treaters

Depending on age, some kids need more supervision than others when they go trick-or-treating.  If they are younger, decide which adult will take out the kids and if children from another family will be joining. Determine ahead of time how long you will be trick-or-treating, where, and what the expectations will be of the trick-or-treaters’ behavior.  If kids are going out without an adult, plan a route with them beforehand, discuss who else they will be trick-or-treating with and set a curfew.

6. Check candy before snacking

Every kid is excited to dig into their Halloween candy! Set the expectation with your trick-or-treaters to not start snacking on their haul until the candy has been checked by an adult, at home, in good lighting.  Checking candy is prudent for children with allergies and also to ensure that the candy has not been tampered with.

7.  Use flashlights independent from cell phones

Flashlights are essential to lighting the way to doorsteps, unlit streets  and through neighborhood paths to get to the next row of houses.  Flashlights are also an additional safety measure to ensuring your trick-or-treating crew is visible while moving through the streets. Using a light that isn’t connected to a cell phone is important, because cell phones themselves can be distracting. Use a regular flashlight so that it can pointed where it needs be to whether a text is being responded to or not.

8.  Drive slowly and cautiously

When driving on Halloween, do so with extreme care. Excited trick-or-treaters will be taking over the streets! Some kids will be well-lit and watching where they are going, but some may not be.  Take great care even in areas that are not residential, as trick-or-treaters will be on the move from one neighbourhood to another.

9. Communicate with trick-or-treaters about candy you are handing out

When opting for the treat option of trick-or-treat, clearly indicate whether the candy you are handing out contains allergens.  Most kids and parents are aware of their limitations around food, but it is better for everyone if you disclose what you are putting in the kids’ bags – especially items containing peanuts.

10. Dress for the weather

Halloween is an unpredictable time of year when it comes to weather. Dressing for the weather will prevent colds and make trick-or-treating more comfortable and enjoyable. When planning costumes for your trick-or-treaters, make sure there are options planned out for very cold or wet weather. If the expectation is set beforehand that the costume will have variations depending on weather, then dressing for Halloween will be a smooth operation.

Store your Halloween decorations and costumers after all the fun!

Whether you need a little storage space, or a lot, we have solutions for storing your Halloween costumes and decorations.   Contact us, we are happy to help you find your perfect storage unit!