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Mailbox Rental Services

Mailbox Rental Services in Etobicoke

For personal or business use, our mailbox services ensure your packages and mail are received securely from any mail service or courier. Enjoy the benefits of a proper business address.

Mailbox services for personal use

Travel mail forwarding

One of the biggest giveaways of an empty house is uncollected mail piling up in the mailbox on the front door. Use Self Stor mailbox services to safely receive your mail while you enjoy long trips. Use a temporary mail forwarding service from Canada Post to send your mail to us and your letters and packages will be safe and sound until you return.

Safe package acceptance

You don’t have to worry about failed delivery attempts or porch pirates when you use our mailbox services. During mail and courier delivery hours, there is always staff available to accept packages on your behalf and immediately secure them.


If you want to keep your home address private, our mailbox services are for you. Shop online with peace of mind that your home address isn’t being shared unnecessarily.

Call ahead to see if you have mail

Don’t visit your mailbox if you don’t have to! Call ahead and we’ll let you know if you have mail waiting for you.

Mailbox services for businesses

Have a professional business address

Keep your home address private and adopt a commercial address for your business. Thanks to our mailbox services, you can share your professional address freely in email signatures and business cards.

Receive packages and shipments

Safely and securely receive packages sent to your business address. Pair your mailbox service with a storage unit and easily receive shipments as well without having to be present for them. Our professional staff are available 7 days a week to sign for deliveries and coordinate secure access to your business storage unit.

Interested in our mailbox services? Contact us today. Our friendly staff are ready to answer your questions.