Storage units in North York are a secret weapon when it comes to moving between homes.  Whether you are moving into Toronto, out of Toronto, to a different part of the GTA, across the country or out of the country, we at Self Stor have clean, secure and affordable storage units available throughout the city to help your move go smoothly.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities serve Toronto Pearson International Airport, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Milton, Markham and Guelph. 

As seasoned storage experts, our experience helping customers during moves is extensive!  We always want our customers to have the best experience – even during their most stressful times.

Here are common mistakes we see people make while moving that could easily be avoided:

1. Leaving packing to the last minute

This might seem like an obvious mistake, but many people justify leaving packing to the last minute for the following reasons:

  • They think they will need/use all of their belongings until the day they move
  • Boxes will take up space in their home 
  • There’s not enough time to pack 
  • Movers will pack for them

All of the above reasons may seem valid when procrastinating packing, but once the move is underway, leaving packing to the last minute is less than ideal.  Belongings you need are hard to find when unpacking, delicate items break, too much or too little was thrown out and cleaning obligations were neglected because of how rushed/unorganized the packing process was.

This mistake is easily avoidable by planning a gradual and organized process of packing. Here’s how:

  •  Determine what you will not need until you move like seasonal clothing/sporting equipment, furniture in the spare bedroom, wall art, specialty cooking ware and appliances, etc.  As the moving date draws closer, you will need less and less.
  • Get a clean, pest-free storage unit to store your boxes and furniture as you pack. This will leave space in your home to clean and organize the rest of your belongings.
  • Use packing material and sturdy boxes to protect your belongings.
  • Save money by doing the gradual packing yourself and using an affordable storage unit instead of getting the movers to pack for you.  

2. Not labelling boxes or keeping a record of what you have packed where

Blindly opening bloxes looking for your favourite sweater or teapot is not only frustrating but it can get very messy –  whether you have actually moved yet or not. 

Creating an inventory of what you are moving may seem tedious, but you won’t regret it when locating the belongings you need at any stage of the moving process.  

Your inventory record can be as detailed as much as you like and it doesn’t have to take hours to do! Here’s how to create an inventory to make your move easier:

  • Create the inventory document in your smartphone, this way it will be easily shared and edited. If you use an app like Google Docs, you will be able to share and edit in real time. 
  • Number your boxes starting with the first box you packed
  • In your inventory document, format it so that it includes the number of the box, what room it came from, items that are in it and where the box is located. For example; #1 – Kitchen – Smaller pots, oven mitts and tea towels, storage unit
  • Add to the inventory document as you pack, editing it when box contents change or the location of the box changes.
  • Label your box with the assigned number and what room it was packed in at the very least. The finer details of what is in the box can be saved for your inventory document. 
  • Be sure to keep track of which boxes are still in your home, storage unit, or in your new home as you go!

3. Letting boxes pile up during the packing and unpacking process in your home

Moving is stressful. Having to wade through boxes before and after the move adds to the stress. Gradually moving boxes out of the home and into the home as needed leaves more space to organize, clean and feel more relaxed. 

Using a storage unit as a moving hub will avoid the overwhelming tower of boxes that cause anxiety for humans and pets alike.  At Self Stor we have storage units that you can use for as long or as little as you like making it easier to gradually move out of and into a home. 

Having a storage unit as a hub for moving  is especially handy if you are in between homes waiting for the perfect rental property or occupancy of a new home you purchased. With drive-up storage units, repeat visits to your Self Stor storage unit will be easy and convenient. 

This is where your inventory document will come in handy – you will know what is in and out of storage and will be able to plan the stages of your move accordingly! 

4. Using old/flimsy moving supplies

The quality of packing and movies supplies is often overlooked when planning a move. When boxes break, the tape isn’t strong enough, or if mattresses and furniture aren’t covered properly, your precious household items risk damage. 

You invested in your household items, so protect them with the right moving supplies. 

Here’s the moving supplies we recommend you use to avoid damage and breakage of your belongings while moving: 

  • Strong packing tape and tape dispenser
  • Sturdy boxes
  • Chair covers
  • Mattress covers
  • Strong, water resistant wrap 
  • Moving blankets
  • Markers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper/newsprint
  • Packing peanuts

At Self Stor, we have all of these important moving supplies available onsite at all of our storage facilities conveniently located in the GTA and Guelph. 

5. Not thoroughly researching professional movers before booking

The moving industry is unregulated in Canada. Anyone with a truck can call themselves a mover! Moving scams are not uncommon, because once the movers have your possessions in their care, they can charge whatever they like to release them back to you. 

However, there are many great moving companies out there. Be sure to read online reviews before booking.  Try not to be tempted to book the movers that give you the lowest quote, a quality mover will cost accordingly.  Furthermore, if a mover quotes low, then they may find other reasons to charge more before they give you back your belongings. 

Once you have found a well-reviewed moving company, here are tips on how to keep your costs low and avoid expensive surprises:

  • Make sure all of your items that are not furniture are packed properly in boxes. Most moving companies require this and will charge a premium to provide their own boxes and pack for you.
  • Communicate clearly how far your home is from the street, if there are stairs involved and get in writing if there will be an extra charge to accommodate these specifics. Do this for both the home you are moving out of and into. 
  • When moving cross-country or internationally, ask who will be delivering your belongings and if they will expect a fee as well. 
  • Ask the moving company about stopping your storage unit. 
  • If moving a long distance, ask if your items will be shipped in a trailer with other orders as this could affect the timeline of when your items will arrive at your new home. 
  • If the moving company is basing the majority of their fee on the weight of the cargo, go with them to the weighing station to see the accurate weight of your belongings and get a copy of/take a picture of the receipt

After thoroughly investigating your moving company options, compare the cost and effort of renting your own truck and moving yourself.  If you rent your own truck you will not have to worry about surprise charges and will be able to move freely between the two homes and your storage unit. 

We hope these tips will make your next move go as smooth as possible. At Self Stor we have solutions for every step of the way. We understand that moving can be stressful but we are here to help!

Get in touch with us to find the storage right for you during the moving process. Our secure drive-up units are super convenient during moves.  With no lengthy contracts, we at Self Stor can help you for as long or as little as you need!

Happy moving!