Storage in Toronto does not have to be expensive, inconvenient, insecure or vulnerable to pests. At Self Stor we are proud to offer storage units throughout The Greater Toronto Area  that are the exact opposite. Our affordable, conveniently accessible, secure, clean and pest-free storage units are perfect for businesses in all stages of growth. Our storage units come in a wide variety of sizes without long-term commitment so our storage solutions are as flexible as your business needs.

Storage units are an affordable alternative to creating, or expanding, the brick and mortar location of your business.  At Self Stor our storage facilities are state-of-the-art, especially when it comes to climate control, accessibility, video surveillance and security, so your business’s storage needs will be met in full.

When is the right time to rent a storage unit for your business? Here are 8 signs your business is ready for a secure storage solution:

1. Your inventory has grown bigger than your storefront location or home business can handle.

Whether it is buying more of a product that you already offer, or creating more variety for your customers, growing inventory takes up space.  Don’t compromise your home work space or store merchandising efforts because of lack of storage.

Benefits of storing your business inventory at Self Stor:

  • Climate-controlled, secure storage units will keep your inventory in mint condition while it awaits your customers.  Especially beneficial for antiques and collectibles dealers.
  • At Self Stor we can accept shipments  on your behalf so you only have to access your inventory when you need it.  
  • Our units are always secure with options for multiple access codes so your inventory is only accessed by people you select.   

2. You have a mobile business

Whether it’s landscaping, contracting, home staging or catering, your supplies and equipment need a safe place to stay in between jobs.

Benefits of storing your business equipment and supplies at Self Stor:

  • Our storage units are conveniently located throughout the GTA so your storage spaces can move closer to your clients when you need them to.  
  • Our drive-up storage units allow for large pieces of machinery, equipment and vehicles to be stored easily.
  • A Self Stor mailbox will provide a you with a business address for your professional correspondence needs.
  • Secure, multiple access codes will allow employees and contractors to retrieve equipment and supplies only from the storage units you need them to, 24/7.
  • Multiple storage units for different areas of business will allow for seamless organization of materials for different jobs and projects.

3. You have sensitive records and documents

Record keeping is an important part of running a business. Our climate-controlled storage units are ideal for keeping documents that are not needed onsite but need to be kept safe. Our storage units are always clean, pest-free and ultra secure so that you have peace of mind that your records are just as safe with us than in your office – perhaps even safer.

Benefits of storing your documents  at Self Stor are:

  • Climate-controlled units will keep paper and electronics from being damaged by temperature and humidity changes.
  • 24/7 secure access will ensure you can retrieve your documents when you need to.
  • Offsite document storage at Self Stor prevents breaches of privacy keeping confidential documents confidential.  
  • Multiple access codes can be created and deleted as personnel gain or lose access privileges.

4. You import/export goods

If your business imports or exports goods,  a secure storage space close to the airport makes sound business sense.  Our Toronto West location is a short drive from Toronto Pearson International Airport.  

Benefits of an import/export business using Self Stor:

  • Close to Toronto International Airport for convenient pick-up and drop-off of shipments.
  • Acceptance of shipments on your behalf so you can access your goods when it is convenient for you.
  • Multiple access codes so employees and shippers can access goods to export or so that customers can access imported goods to bring to their business.
  • Multiple storage units allow for goods to be organized for pickups and dropoffs.
  • Mailbox service for professional correspondence.

5. You have growing online sales business

The best part about having an online business is that you don’t need a storefront. However, if you are selling products online, you will still need to find a place to store them if you run out of room in your living space.  At Self Stor we have storage units in a wide variety of sizes to suit any stage of growth of your online business.

Benefits of storing products for your online store with Self Stor:

  • We accept shipments on your behalf so that you can spend more time focusing on your online business.
  • Mailbox services will give you an address to use for professional correspondence.
  • Climate-controlled storage options that will keep your products safe and in perfect condition for your customers.
  • 24/7 secure access so that you can get to your product when you need to.

Whatever your business storage needs, at Self Stor we are happy to help.  Do you need a storage solution for your business that is not listed here? Ask us!

Find your perfect storage unit for your growing business today.